Magical Cup Of Tea

Magical Tea

Magical Cup of Tea

Who do you approach when you feel lonely, worried, or depressed? I can not guess about you but I approach my Tea-Pot for a healing taste of Milk Tea.

Talking About the taste, the taste of a cup of milk-tea has been appreciated for dozen decades now. It just never goes out fashion to have a cup of Tea whenever one feels underweight.

Yes! My blog on Magical Cup of Tea is all about the mental effects of tea. Which, I think, are still under appreciated vis-à-vis their magnificent and colorful effects on one’s mental health.

And here goes a short story which could better explain why I would so emphasize on psychological wonders of tea.

Magical Tea Story;

Magical Tea

Once in a bone-chilling evening, there were four students sitting inside dormitory.1 of Beijing Language and Culture University, I was one of them. The temperature outside was around 17° Celsius in negative, and all four of us were out of vegetables, which meant that we can’t cook, and the cold outside also didn’t allow us to go out for shopping. It was getting tense as around 10pm we are hungry like we haven’t ate for days. It was that moment, when Abdul Rasheed- one of us – got the idea to have tea with Cake and biscuits in order to get done with this disturbing hunger.

With a slight addition of milk and Red Label (the renowned tea- leaves) here we ignited the cooker and tea is already boiling within minutes, and the smell just touched our mind, relaxing us all from all the cold and tension.

Moral of the story is that even the fragrance of tea has this heart-warming effect of releasing your mental pressure, just think about its magic when it gets down to your stomach dude!

Magical Tea Research:

Magical Tea

In a research written by Natasha Gilbert on ‘Nature Journal’ Researchers have found, Drinking tea lowers the levels of stress hormone cortisol. And it gifts you long-term health benefits: drinking at least 100 milliliters (about half a cup) of tea a day lowers the risk of developing depression and dementia.

In South Asia region which mainly includes India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, people prefer milk-tea over green-tea as the history witnesses to the fact that this region long had water scarcity, in this scenario people would use milk from cow, sheep and camels.

Thus, they got use to of milk-tea. Now a days, on almost every corner of this region, one can find a Dhabba (formerly called a Tea-point). Even almost all households of above mentioned countries, people have tea for two to three times a day. This level of consumption of caffeine makes them deal with anxiety and dementia.

On the contrary, the West region on the world map prefers green-tea. From United States of America to United Kingdom and all Europe, people prefer having green-tea as it is made of herbs which ultimately soothes their bodily and mental state. People in Europe, for instance, tend to have green tea on different occasions, during family gatherings and during the time alone.

Tea Consumption:

Magical Tea

A report by CBI- Ministry of Foreign Affairs mentioned, “The apparent tea consumption in Europe amounted to 229 thousand tones in 2015 (based on import and export data). This represents about 4.6% of the global tea consumption of 5 million tones.”

 Same is the case with Chinese people. Having one of the largest population, China ranks first in the consumption of green-tea. Once in an interview with Zhang Sha- an assistant professor at Beijing Language and Culture University – the writer found that Chinese people love to carry their tea in small thermoses. The professor explained how tea makes them active during their classes and meetings.


Time and again, people from almost every corner of the world want a cup of tea on their working table or on relaxing chair as they find tea relaxing and psychologically energizing asset. You must try when you feel alone, depressed or having mind bursting pressure, it will really blow your mood & mind on.

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Magical Tea

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